Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mmmm Kozy Shack Pudding

Wed night on the way home the good people of Kozy Shack were handing out a variety of single serving puddings including regular and no sugar gluten free types, they also make soy based puddings which I would have taken if I had known at the time.

And of course what's not to like with pudding? yummy fat, sugar, chocolate and other tasty flavorings. Yet if you read the ingredients on many brands it looks more like a chemistry set or a bottle of shampoo than something you'd want to eat.
The pleasant thing about these puddings are the ingredient lists largely composed of things I recognize as real food.

Now pudding is not health food by any stretch of the imagination but as pudding goes Kozy Shack gets a pass from Free Crap in Toronto.

By the way they also gave out 55 cent retail coupons.

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