Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dentyne Ice on ice

How appropriate they were giving away Dentyne Ice on a frosty -15 day on the corner at Bay and Front. I'm not much of gum person and I think the blast of Arctic air to my face was all the icy feeling I needed, still free is free and the other members of my house will appreciate it..

This Dentyne Ice is certainly neither a new product nor a new flavour but it appears they are promoting a claim that their flavour now lasts 40 minutes, perhaps it does but my jaw usually get sore or I bite the inside of my mouth long before 40 minutes is up so it's probably not a factor for me.

Why does no one make licorice flavored gum anymore? I think Beemans did at one time but I've not seen a pack of Beemans in 30 years or more.

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