Sunday, March 13, 2011

McBreakfast wars

For 2 days in February McDonald's was giving away its new breakfast sandwiches the center piece being egg/cheese/sausage on a biscuit just like Tim Horton's. This looks to be in response of Tim's bringing out a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin just like the Egg McMuffin.

Now imagine the worlds smallest McDonald's kiosk in the bottom of Union Station surrounded by several hundred, 200 pound vultures demanding free food now! Damn it was ugly!

I admit I got in line just so I could take a picture of the sandwich and I did take a bite which I should get some kind of award for because it was disgusting. I like the Tim Horton's offering mostly because I only get egg and cheese, no meat, the added sausage patty from McDonald's was a slimy thing with a horrible flavour.

On the health side consider that this puck sized lump of grease has 590 calories and 37grams of fat representing 57% of your daily requirement. Salt content was also disturbingly high at 1140mg or 48% of your daily allowance. I know people who order several such items when having breakfast out,, eewwww! Makes me want to find an insurance company and take out a dead peasant policy on them.

Anyway I took my picture, took one vile bite and tossed this piece of crap out..

What is the value of something you got free and could not force down your gullet?

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